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Photo of Karen Hargett Karen Hargett is a Christian, Native Texan and self-taught artist with a natural desire to create. She has been involved in arts and crafts most of her life but when she began riding horses, the heart of her drawing talent revealed itself. Her love for her horse, the demands of an excellent horse trainer, and the deep satisfaction of "getting it right" at the end of a hard day of training became inspirations for her drawing.

After one particularly satisfying day with the trainer, Karen felt a strong connection between the trainer, herself, and her horse. She realized that the bond her trainer had with horses was pivotal. To thank him in her own way, Karen put down on paper how she felt. Billy Bob - Karen's faithful horse The finished drawing (shown here) revealed a reflection of a horse and rider deep within the horse's eye, hinting at the unique connection between the two. His response to the drawing demonstrated to her that she had indeed touched the heart of his feeling for horses.

Since that drawing, Karen's art has become an effortless flow through the pencil onto the paper. A wellspring was tapped in her. She continues to feel a special connection with each drawing and it shows in each piece she creates. Karen has captured pets, friends, wildlife and landscapes in graphite and, more recently, pastels. Let her capture one of your favorite subjects. Karen hopes that you will make a deep connection with a drawing she does for you.

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